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Sammy Keyes
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Supporting Charicters

As I promised, here are the supporting charicters. As same, their profials are from how they act in the Sammy Keyes books. Enjoy!!

  • Candi Acosta is divorced from Warren Acosta, and is the mother of Heather and Casey. She often acts like her daughter portraying characteristics that are vicious and not polite. Candi also hates Sammy and probably her mother. Candi is known for her weird way of dressing up. She thinks she's a young woman, and she is a little nuts in the mind. Candi lives in town in Santa Martina, with Heather, and Casey often times visits (by his father's orders.)
  • Warren Acosta is the father of Heather and Casey. He lives in a house alone with Casey in Sisquane and seems to sound exactly like his son over the phone. He has also shown feelings toward Sammy's mother, a situation that disturbs both Sammy and Casey. Warren has a distant relationship towards Heather and has stated that "sometimes he wishes he had a restraining order on Heather, too".
  • Brandon McKenze is Marrisa's cousin and Sammy's good friend. Although he is in high school, Sammy seemed have feelings for him in the earlier books, but slowly began to become comfortable around him after developing stronger feelings for Casey. Brandon is on the swim team and often invites Marissa and Sammy to his meets. He works at a smoothie place in the mall.
  • Mrs. Rothhammer coach of William Rose Junior High's softball team, which Sammy and most of her friends play on.
  • Mrs. Ambler, Ms. Pilson, Mr. Tiller, Mr. Holgartner, Mr. Pence, Miss Kuzkowski are Sammy's seventh grade Homeroom, English, Math, History, Science and Art teachers at school, respectively.
  • Vera & Meg Talbrook are Holly's foster parents. They take care of her in exchange for her assistance in the pet grooming shop they own, called the Pup Parlor. Vera is Meg's mother.
  • Madame Nashira, also known as Gina; she is introduced in the first book. Owns Madame Nashira's House of Astrology. Occasionally offers Sammy advice in the form of astrological prophecies, which Sammy accepts as her friend, but does not take too seriously, due to her skeptical outlook on astrology.
  • Mr. Caan, Vice Principal at William Rose Junior High. In the first book, his perception of Sammy is somewhat in line with a juvenile delinquent when she gets into multiple fights with Heather. However, over time, he accepts her as a worthwhile person and starts to realize that Heather is not as well-behaved as she would like to appear to him.
  • Karl Briggs, older brother of Taylor Briggs and former best friend of Brandon McKenze.
  • Taylor Briggs, Karl's younger brother and friend of Heather Acosta. Also likes Marissa in "Sammy Keyes and the Curse of Mustache Mary".
  • Billy Pratt, an obnoxious, albeit lovable classmate of Sammy's. Billy was held back; he is supposed to be an 8th grader. This perhaps contributes to his depiction in the series as the school clown. Billy has kissed Sammy on a dare by Heather in an attempt to ruin her relationship with Casey, but Billy makes it up to her by kissing Heather (the cod fish) during the school play. It is possible he has feelings for Sammy because in Sammy Keyes and the Wild Things he gave her part of his snake to eat while he didn't give it to any of the other girls.
  • Danny Urbanski, an 8th grader at William Rose Junior High. Marissa has a HUGE crush on him, yet the feelings are not entirely mutual.
  • Dorito, Sammy's pet cat who is an orange tabby, and a white front paw. Sammy describes him as an orange speckled cat.
  • T.J., son of Maynard. Usually seen running the cash register of his father's market, called Maynard's Market. He is often seen eating a Double Dynamo, which is a huge drumstick ice cream cone. Ironically, Maynard's is normally out of Double Dynamos, much to the chagrin of Sammy. Maynard's Market is a takeoff of Menards, also a family-run business.
  • Cisco, the head custodian at William Rose Junior High. Admired by Sammy for his encouraging and likable demeanor.
  • Mrs. Tweeter, the secretary of William Rose Junior High.


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